Privacy Policy

This privacy note is about the utilization of the information which is provided on the forum or the information which is shared by the users on website. The privacy policy describes the data sharing rules and guidelines which the forum follows and expects from the users as well to follow them.

The following privacy policy illustrates about the details as how we collect, use and share the information and how we allow the users to do the same?

How the information is collected?

The information which users shares deliberately is used to enhance the users experience on the forum. The online information is collected through the web- cookies or the information which users share deliberately.

We do not breach legal regulations determined by cyber law and work accordingly with the rules prescribed for online data privacy.

How the information is shared?

We have always been very attentive about the information which is shared by the users. With our innovative web programs and tools for online safety and security we have made website moderately secure and safe. Users don’t need to worry while sharing their information with us.

Users’ information which they share with us is not used for any online trade or transactions; therefore users can rest assured about their information that it is in safe hands.

How information can be used?

The information which has been provided on the forum is the exclusive asset of the website and that information can be used as per the fundamental guidelines. The information available on the forum cannot be used or shared in aninappropriate or illicit way.

The users’ information is used just to enhance the forum’s users experience by personalizing it. We make a database of users’ choices and preferences through the information which we collect through the cookies or which users provide on the forum. On the basis of the database, we make input of users’ preferences in our forum to improve users’ experience.

A Note for Users Regarding Data Privacy

Extraordinary efforts have been made to make the website incredibly safe and protected from the online threats. Users don’t need to be panic about safety and security of their data while sharing online.

The forum is extremely safe form the online threats even though we advise all users to use their acumen before sharing their information with website. We in any situation shall not be accountable for any misappropriation of their information.