Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Contact Number

When your Mozilla Firefox stops working, you can either contact the Mozilla Firefox customer service or else you can visit the help forum for assistance. As Mozilla Firefox is a totally a freeware software, it didn’t offered any sort of phone support to the users. For service assistance, they have to seek the support from the Mozilla Firefox Technical support help community support forum. Read the forum guidelines before posting a question. At first, signup with your email address and then post a question. That’s all you do if you wish to share an issue to the Mozilla Firefox Customer Support community forum.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Helpline for Technical Errors

If Mozilla Firefox is stopped working, then the possible reasons are-

Above explained some are the common reasons if your Mozilla Firefox is not working. Some common hacks you can perform to resolve the issues are- restart your device and Try, Uninstall your internet security application and then try or close all tabs and restart again to see if the issue is fixed or not. If the Mozilla keeps crashing, what you do best for resolving the issue is just Contact the Mozilla Firefox Technical support via the forum. The guidelines for-How to ask a proper customer support via Mozilla Firefox community forum is added below.

All you need to know about Mozilla Firefox customer support

Whenever you having issues on Mozilla Firefox then choose the live support option via Mozilla Support forum as primary option. Excluding that one option, the Mozilla is offering customer support via email address, Google Groups and Developers forum. If we look deeper into the Pros and Cons of all the support methods we can see the Mozilla firefox customer service via its community forum has many Pros than other two methods.

To post a question simply sign-in (or sign-up if you have not a valid email address) and then click on ‘Post a Question’ to submit. If your query is a fresh one, you will get replies within hours. Before posting a question to the Mozilla Firefox customer service forum, check the suggestions added on the left hand side of the page and if you someone asked about the same issue on that forum, check that link first and in case that didn’t help you to fix the issue, then come back again and post a query.

Apart the Firefox customer support forum, Mozilla Firefox also offering customer support via email address and Google Forum. More details regarding the same can find from this link

Mozilla Firefox developer support: This is an optional way only for developers. If you are a developer, you will get technical assistance from Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). MDN offering live support for documentation, demos and Q&A for any questions on web development that associated with Firefox.