Incredimail Customer Service & Contact Number

Is Incredimail having a Technical Support Phone Number?: Are you looking for the finest ways to contact Incredimail Customer support? Well, your issue is regarding messaging or you are looking for an installation help, the Incredimail technical support is the right platform you choose for resolving issues instantly. Issues are many in IncrediMail and therefore it is not possible to say anyone about the reason before diagnosing about the reasons. Sometimes it refuses to send a mail or sometimes the mails from the inbox are disappeared suddenly. On such a particular situation, it is much needed to resolve the issue in time. Fortunately there are many good ways you can contact Incredimail customer support. If your Incredimail is popping up with any issues frequently, we are suggesting you to adopt the best ways given here to fix the issue instantly.

What is the Customer support Phone Number of Incredimail?

As of now, there’s no technical support number available for IncrediMail. For more information, visit the support section shown at the bottom of the page. But there is nothing to worry there are many other options to contact the IncrediMail customer support.

IncrediMail Support Help Page

This is one of the best options you follow if you are looking for the IncrediMail customer service via help page. To access IncrediMail help page, visit and then find the solution for the issue you have. Find the solutions for any issues from there. Search by topics or search with relevant keyword that matching your issue for quick answer. The solutions for all the issues are clearly described there, what you do is just follow the guidelines as instructed.

A common issue associated with IncrediMail is regarding sending and receiving of messages. The primary reason for the occurring of this mess is due to the improper configuration of messages. IncrediMail supports IMAP and POP3 protocols. If your email service provider allows only the access through POP3 and you there configuring email through IMAP, then you won’t successfully configure the message. For avoiding this error, check the step by step process given on help center page and try later.

Incredimail Customer Service forum

If you’re experiencing difficulty in using Incredimail and you can’t unable to resolve the issue by self, then contact Incredimail customer support via forum. Solutions for any questions will get from there. All you needed to do is sign in to the forum and post your question. You will get notifications if someone replied to your thread.

Incredimail VIP Customer Support Forum

IncrediMail Plus/VIP support mode offers you a direct access with the support team. All you need to do to perform this action is, simply go the help tab shown the top menu and then select ‘VIP Support.’

Kindly note: you are eligible to get the support Via IncrediMail Plus only if you are a paid member.